Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Artist: Trisha Powell /// Queens, NY

The Dandy Lion welcomes Trisha Powell from Queens, NY!
Originally from Southwestern PA, Trisha moved to Brooklyn a few years ago where she was sewing alot of things for her other etsy shop, BrooklynBags.
Having no formal training in art or drawing, her line of bags and jewelry is just an interest in handmade goods and putting bright colors together in a way that looks good to her.
True artistic expression, it's what life's all about!


New Artist: Christine Domanic /// Hudson, NY

When Christine is not making her handmade jewelry in her wind powered eco-friendly studio home in Hudson, Ny, she spends her time as a Merchandising Specialist on Etsy.
That probably explains her beautiful product photography!

Earth's Art

New Albany Welcomes its newest addition to downtown:
Earth's Art!

209 E. Market Street

"Gifts from Mother Nature, Fine Mineral Specimens, Deco Pieces, Fossils, Jewelry and More!
Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm

2 Doors Down From Dave's Art Store on Market, across from the Farmer's Market Pavilion.

"Let Us Rock Your World."

Friday, March 2, 2012

NEW in store!

NEW in Store! Chinese Zodiac Necklaces, Mini Harmonica Necklaces (they work!), Fuzzy Woodland Rings (Owls, Foxes, Cats, Dogs, Koalas), Eyeball Necklaces and Rings, and tons more//// We're bringing the 90s back....