Sunday, September 26, 2010

Artists' Submissions

All artist's submissions will now be taken via email.
Please send submissions to

All artists are to include the following:

1. photography of pieces the artist wishes to sell at The Dandy Lion.
2. suggested retail prices of each piece.
3. contact information i.e. email, phone #, and/or website or blog featuring your work.
4. any other locations where your line is featured/sold.

All submissions must be considered by all members of ownership of The Dandy Lion.
We base our decisions on:
1. compatibility with shop mission/feel as well as overall feel of current Dandy Lion artists.
2. affordable/reasonable pricing.
3. construction and overall feel of the work(s).
4. reputation with customers in previous sales exchanges, i.e. Etsy, online feedback, etc.

We do not base our approval on experience, new artists/designers are more than welcome at The Dandy Lion. Feel free to let us know about yourself and what you do. We like to know the face behind the designs.

The Dandy Lions

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