Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ohio Valley Creative Energy

Happy sleepytimes, all! Its late, but we are so stoked on this amazing cause we just had to share immediately!

Ohio Valley Creative Energy is a non-profit organization that is proposing an Arts & Education center to be built, and sustained by converted energy from the Clark-Floyd landfill in Southern Indiana. If this center is constructed, it will be the first community & commercial landfill gas development partnership in the US!

So we can take our waste...and recycle it, to make art! This is blowing our minds with excitement! We are hopping on board now in anyway we can to support- you should too!

The mission of Ohio Valley Creative Energy is to educate the public about sustainability through the creation of art and the exploration of innovative design.

About The OVCE Arts Center

The proposed OVCE Sustainable Arts & Education Center will be located near the Clark-Floyd landfill in Southern Indiana and will be powered by its excess methane. This renewable energy source, along with other alternative energies, will initially be used to power clay, glass, and metal studios and eventually will grow to include a gallery, a greenhouse, and an education center.

OVCE has partnered with the Clark County Commissioners and Hoosier Energy to develop the first community & commercial landfill gas development partnership in the US at the Clark-Floyd Landfill. Hoosier Energy´s 2 MW electricity generation project provides “green’ energy for over 1200 Southern Indiana homes.

Their Vision is to transform the local ecology of the landfill through an eco-vention, or an artist initiated project that will involve the entire community in turning a landfill into a resource for our community. In doing this, they hope to inspire each visitor to consider and recognize their individual ability to have a positive impact on the earth, in our community, and the health and well being of all.

We Must be the Change we Wish to See in the World. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. you have done a great job of creating a web presence. what you are about, and what you are up to is wonderful for lack of another word. i truly like this all. thank you for coming to town; robert ( i will write more )