Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello again darlings!

Its quite the summerscorcher out there! Hope everyone is enjoying the sun and all its beauty. We are growing ever more anxious to get everything rolling. The paperwork/business aspects are finishing up nicely, and extra monies have been researched and applied for. Wish us luck everyone!

We are SO excited to bring the 812 side of the river what it has been missing out on.
To give you a little idea of what we will be supplying our area:

non-profit: showcase for local artists
art shows
art lessons for teenagers
free-range living/organic gardening/composting lessons

showcase for homemade arts/jewelry/clothing by yours truly (x3)
as well as homemade goodies from independent designers and artists from all over the states!

We will also carry time-capsule quality vintage items, and our shop will morph into a show venue at night, to support local/semi-local bands.

Our romantic mission is to maintain the classic vintage vibe that is central to any lovely city's downtown. Folks, downtown New Albany is your new playground!

We just hope you are as excited as we are!

lots o'Liony love

The Dandy Lion

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