Monday, July 5, 2010


Just wanted to drop a few lines to keep us all up and dated! Check out the colors we just painted the front and middle rooms! We have recently acquired enough displays to fill up several dandy lions, and clutter is our middle name, so we look forward to the success of our setup.

We have been busy little cubs! I recently piled together a show for a dear one from New York, and Katy's husband supported him on guitar. It was this past friday, and we had a great turnout! Fun times all around, and we look forward to planning many more musically-enchanting moments for everyone. Check Louis out at He will be back to help with the growth process!

The artists are continuing to sign on and pile in. We are so honored that our truths and passions transformed into an artist's packet of sorts has provided a successful overview of our mission, and that we have been able to communicate with and reach out to artists all over. we look forward to sharing them with you! there will be a piece of furrypeace for everyone!

speak soon loves

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