Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Albany part (1)

This town has an old soul. We will be posting photo sets of the characters, events, favorite spots, history, and architecture that puzzle piece this town together.

This set surrounds our shop.
(Our waterfront park with the Amplitheatre, barge, and the Sherman Minton Bridge to Louisville

(NABC Bank Street Brewhouse, right down from our shop! LOVE these guys and what they're about. They have supported us from the beginning)
(Carnegie Center (art gallery))

(NABC Bank Street Brewhouse)

(Sweet little antique shop across the street. Can't wait to take photography of the four story antique store further downtown)
(We are located in the Odd Fellows building. These guys let us scavenger hunt their old ballroom for elements for the shop! )

(Thorpe Woodwork Gallery right down from our shop)

(Toast, hop, skip, and jump from the shop)

(The Windsor and to the left the Farmer's Market, right across the street from our shop)
(The Grande Theatre diagonal from our shop)
(Dave's Art Store! Dave helped us set the foundation to The Dandy Lion)

(Carnegie Center (art gallery) off of our street)


  1. I bought my first pair of Levi jeans at the Fair Store in 1968. I had just turned ten and was in the fifth grade at Georgetown Elementary.

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  3. Not realizing you hadn't had your opening yet I cruised around looking for your shop.... how exciting!!!! New Albany is craving new places to find beautiful things that help us support the city and to help it grow. It's turning back into such an artsy little place!

  4. New Albany is such a great city. New boutiques like this are exactly what is needed to encourage growth. I would love to see our downtown grow into a new artist community.