Thursday, July 14, 2011

A hearty ROAR....

Please welcome Justin Simick (reddoveart) from Mt. Shasta, CA!

"In the earliest traditions, the supreme being was represented by a sphere, the symbol of a beginning with no end, continually existing, perfectly formed and profoundly symmetrical.

Natural circles, such as the moon and sun, have been observed since before recorded history. Medieval scholars of early science-- particularly geometry, astrology and astronomy-- believed that there was something intrinsically “divine” or “perfect” that could be found in circles.

This work is an exploration of the unique geometry, symmetry and symbolism it represents. As a drawn symbol it’s myth and meaning is both universal and specific: representing the basis of matter, time… even the universe and consciousness. As a pattern it denotes movement, rhythm and harmony, suggesting both scale and sound..." --Justin Simcik, Red Dove Art

Justin executes inventive, abstract acrylic paintings on wood panel exploring the symmetry & aesthetic of the circle as curvilinear form and dynamic rings of astral color.
Such a bright addition to our shop! $40 for each original piece....Come grab your own!

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