Thursday, July 21, 2011

Totally Technicolor!

Please extend a warm welcome to Hollie Chastain, a full-time found paper and collage artist residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


"We Choose the In-between"

"Passing a Message"

A creative spirit and early interest in art led to dabbling in watercolor, pottery, and glass before settling into collage as a medium of choice. Influenced by nature and fairy tales, she lets water stains, scribble and natural aging play into her pieces. The subject of the piece is often influenced by the materials as opposed to building around a sketch or idea. She creates a world of adventure and secrets open for the viewer's interpretation.

"Gilbertville Public Library I"

"The First Freedom"

We are IN LOVE with what these prints do to our walls.
The mixture of technicolor, and black & white on aged paper --every single piece is absolutely breathtaking!
Price Range: $20-30 per print

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