Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Facelift (part 1)

We started work at 10a today and ended at 11:30p...

The shop got a fresh coat of paint (special thanks to Jesse for helping us on the roof!). Happy lil shop is ready to show off its new look. Good bye black trim, good bye brick red.

We had so many business owners and New Albany residents stop by and congratulate us today. They thanked us for what we were bringing to the downtown. Lots of love and support, the way we like it. Feed our mania... 3a work nights and 14hr work days. Viva la Dandy Lion.

(Tomorrow we do the second coat, touch ups, and antique leather and cream stripes under the overhang - aka where the solid white is)

(Badger Jesse up on the roof, because he's super fantastic.)

(Ali braving the hot black roof and the 100+ heat)

(Ani painting the first spot of vintage blue)

If you haven't caught on, my (Katy) fabulous partners are twins. It's okay, you are seeing double. Good things come in two's. True story.

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