Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old Time Favorite

Sock monkey hats...

... we got 'em.

Ms. Parker was busy helping us down at the shop this morning. She was quite smitten with Mama Jody's sock monkey hats... Maybe just a little too smitten.

Along with these cuties, we also have candy corn hats, cupcake hats, veggie hats, fruit hats, and flower hats. You like to dress your lil muffin heads nice and snazzy, and they'll love these one-of-kind hats.

(we have cupcakes, pineapples, candy corn, pears, tomatoes, squashes, grapes, muffins, tulips, mums, and more!)


  1. Love the sock monkey hats! Completely adorable. Can't wait to get in your store!

  2. You can come take a sneak peak! We'll be in and out all this week and next.

  3. I know several tiny people that I need to gift with these little hats