Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thanks, Laura! LAUNCH PHOTOS part 1

The lovely Tuckers, Ali & Ani

The Deloreans

Mark Kramer of Tender Mercy

Katy Traughber & Laura Read

We now have Dundee candies! Eat them, because if you don't... I'm going to end up devouring them all.

Bunny Day and the Mercy Buckets

The lovely Mark Kramer!

Thanks Laura Read of The Dundee Candy Shop (and her amazing mister, Sean Bailey) for all their support and help with our launch event. Here are some photos they took last night.

(Dundee Candy now at The Dandy Lion! or if you're in the Highlands, stop in and say hi!)
We have specially made Lion Paws and Lion chocolates, too!

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