Thursday, September 30, 2010

EVENT: Cropped Out

Come see us at:

CROPPED OUT is a locally and independently developed music festival set to take place in Louisville, KY on the first weekend of October 2010. The fest is designed to highlight the creative efforts of Louisville natives, friends, family, and fellow thinkers from Nashville to Chicago to Brooklyn and beyond.

Alex Barnett (SATURDAY) Chi, IL Cacaw (SATURDAY) Chi, IL CAVE (SATURDAY) Chi, IL DAD (SATURDAY) Chi, IL Ga'an (SATURDAY) Chi, IL Geffika (SATURDAY) Chi, IL Learner Dancer (SATURDAY) Indy, IN Life Partner (SATURDAY) Lou, KY/Chi, IL LUSHES (SATURDAY) Brklyn, NY Meah! (SATURDAY) Chi, IL Natural Geographic (SATURDAY) Lou, KY Nzambi (SATURDAY) Lou, KY PC Worship (SATURDAY) Brklyn, NY Pissed Jeans (SATURDAY) Philly, PA Prideswallower (SATURDAY) Lou, KY Rabble Rabble (SATURDAY) Chi, IL SKIMASK (SATURDAY) Boston, MA Slow Horse (SATURDAY) Chi, IL Straight A's (SATURDAY) Lou, KY The Highlife (SATURDAY) Brklyn, NY/Chi, IL Wishgift (SATURDAY) Chi, IL Young Widows (SATURDAY) Lou, KY Animal City (SUNDAY) Chi, IL Brett Sova (SUNDAY) Chi, IL Catherine Irwin (SUNDAY) Lou, KY FLIGHT (SUNDAY) Taylor, MS Gangly Youth (SUNDAY) Lou, KY Giving Up (SUNDAY) Garner, IA Golden Boys (SUNDAY) Austin, TX Heavy Cream (SUNDAY) Nash, TN Idiot Glee (SUNDAY) Lex, KY JEFF The Brotherhood (SUNDAY) Nash, TN King Kong (SUNDAY) Lou, KY Magik Markers (SUNDAY) Brklyn, NY PUJOL (SUNDAY) Nash, TN Reading Group (SUNDAY) Lou, KY Rude Weirdo (SUNDAY) Lou, KY Sean Walsh & The National Reserve (SUNDAY) Brklyn, NY Sic Alps (SUNDAY) San Fran, CA Softcheque (SUNDAY) Lou, KY Spectre Folk (SUNDAY) Brklyn, NY Spiders Bags (SUNDAY) Chapel Hill, NC State Champion (SUNDAY) Lou, KY/Chi, IL Tinsel Teeth (SUNDAY) Prov, RI Warmer Milks (SUNDAY) Lex, KY

-source WLKY.

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