Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update, Revamp, Face Lift

We were too big for our britches before we even hit a month old! We had to make room to grow!

- 3 new clothing racks! Fall dresses for women, handmade clothing, and additional children's clothing. We have very near and very dear plans to expand our men's section as well!

- New display in our art gallery!

- Revamp of the store to make room for all the upcoming handmade designers!

- Two new shopfront signs, more to come!

- We forfeited our studio to give you an entire kids' room... It wasn't hard, we are rather smitten with you. The kids' room is stocked with handmade clothing & accessories, vintage decor, and a lovely collection of vintage children's books. Many new children's designs on the way.

- Beginnings of studio and classroom space downstairs - we'll keep you updated. Sewing, gardening, children's, and jewelry classes will be coming soon.

We also got the opportunity to shoot with photographer, Matt Ooley, for our Meet The Makers feature. ( We had an amazing time and consider Matt a good friend. He even helped us hang our "Art, Vintage, Handmade, Culture" sign. Looking forward to sharing photos from that shoot with you very soon!


Bank Street Folk Fest- Sept. 19th 6p featuring NABC brews, hamburgers & brats, The Dandy Lion artists, and live music. Music by Betty Rats, Monadnoc, A Mourning Rain, Ben Purdom, and Ben Traughber.

Harvest Homecoming- Oct. 7th - 10th open shop and The Dandy Lion harvest booth.
(learn more about Harvest Homecoming-

Fringe Fest- Oct. 8th - 10th featuring local Dandy Lion artists' tables, community art, live music, NABC Bank Street food and beer.

Hallowed Fest- Oct. 30th featuring live music and Halloween festivities. Music by Sacred Sorrow and The Delicate.

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