Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Charming Treats

Come on-a my house my house, I'm gonna give you candy
Come on-a my house, my house, I'm gonna give a you
Apple a plum and apricot-a too eh
Come on-a my house, my house a come on

Treasure trove of handmade and vintage clothing.
(click to enlarge photos)

(peace and skate key necklace by P*Charming... Nietzsche philosopher cameo necklace by Ali Tucker)

("Spooning" porcelain doll arm necklace by Glowstoes... "Human Baby and Skeleton Key" necklace by Michael McCoy)

(necklace by Unoriginal Sinner... Feather necklace by Gem Tuesday... Coral print boho vest by Ani Tucker)

(necklace by April Moser)

(... Vintage up-cycle necklace by Plain Jane)

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