Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Music For Your Ears!

Herro everyone! Hows about that weather out there? We hope you're enjoying it as much as we are. Perfect sweater weather! We just thought we'd offer you some tunes that we find particularly warm and accompanying on these fall days! Hope you'll take a listen. Each one of these fellows is a dear one to us:

Tigers are our friend! Former member of The Polyphonic Spree and Rufus Wainwright's band, Louis Schwadron combines the psychedelic, symphonic, and lyrical to create the sound world of his project as SKY WHITE TIGER. With white-hot focus, hauntingly hooky melodies and highly theatrical stage show, this 5-piece Brooklyn Band hopes to leave the audience in the blurred violet light between fantasy and reality.

We are honored to say that we have been commissioned by Louis, and are in the process of creating unique Sky White Tiger merch, to be sold soon at the Dandy Lion and on the Sky White Tiger tour and website! Louis has also recently finished his first full-length LP, which will also be for sale at our store, along with handmade SWT shirts,necklaces, shoes and more, coming soon from all three lions! We just recently pieced a show together for him back in July, putting a full band together for him unique to this Louisville show (including Katy's husband Ben Traughber on guitar and Emanuel's Anthony Brock on drums). Louis will also be back VERY soon for a show at the Dandy Lion! (Lions and Tigers and...Bears?! OH MY!)

Katy's husband Ben Traughber combines folk with dream-pop for his solo project. His lyrics are hauntingly romantic and his vocals hit you deeply. He has played the first two shows the Dandy Lion has put on, and he will be playing many more to come. Support Louisville's local music scene, give his music a listen. You'll be hooked:

On A. Armada's debut CD Anam Cara, the bands first proper record, they weave their sound through ringing guitars dipped in echo and a rhythm section that serves more as propellant than mere support. The pieces shift from somber genteelness to intense consideration to soft cradling. This isn’t music to conquer the world by; this is music to conquer oneself with. But if you ask the band about this they’ll probably give you a blank stare. And that’s, really, the whole point. In making music for themselves they’ve inadvertently made it for you.

A. Armada distinguishes itself from its peers by possessing an intangible Southernism which renders its intensity more introspective than bombastic.
-Gordon Lamb, Flagpole Magazine

There has been discussion about bringing them here on tour! We will keep you posted! U_u

Check them out here! :

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