Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Artist: Mickie Winters

The Dandy Lion welcomes Mickie Winters, born and raised in Louisville, KY!

Mickie has a memorable uniqueness and beauty about her that you're not soon to forget. Her pieces follow suit.
Calming to the soul and provoking to the mind, they are full of grace.

She has an eye for movement and vivacity, while capturing the being that contains it. It's a stirring experience looking at the world through her eyes.

Come see a large variety of her pieces now at The Dandy Lion. There is something for every eye and for every pocket size, or just come and take a look and enjoy!

"I make because I was made. " - Mickie Winters

(minus the "x", just didn't want anyone to swipe her image)
For the original image and more of Mickie's works visit:


  1. Just checked her out on her website. Amazing.

  2. You should see the pieces she brought in, Kristy. They are amazing. I guess you will at 3p tomorrow! I forgot!