Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Eyes of the World

"This West country will produce some mighty artists. The greater part of this land must remain, always, in its primitive naturalness. It will be easier here, than in the city crowded East, for a man to be himself. There is less of that spirit which is born of clubs and cliques and clans and schools--with their fine-spun theorizing, and their impudent assumption that they are divinely commissioned to sit in judgment. There is less of artistic tea-drinking, esthetic posing, and soulful talk; and more opportunity for that loneliness out of which great art comes. The atmosphere of these mountains and deserts and seas inspires to a self-assertion, rather than to a clinging fast to the traditions and culture of others--and what, after all, is a great artist, but one who greatly asserts himself." -Harold Bell Wright

Just wanted to share with you this little ray of sunshine. A quote I once stumbled upon in a borrowed copy of Wright's "The Eyes of the World", (1914).
I consider it a sort of personal philosophy.


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