Monday, October 25, 2010

Spotlight: New ARTIST!

We Lions are honored to welcome artist Robby Davis to our den!! He's mastered an amazingly unique juxtaposition via 'Cute' meets 'Gorey', and we really dig everything he's done.

As a young boy, Robby would draw any chance he had, usually copying comic book and cartoon characters that caught his eye. This went on for many years, but as a teenager Robby’s interest in computers grew. Eventually he decided to pursue his passion for art and technology, and enrolled in art school. After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design, Robby took a few months off and traveled throughout Europe. Upon his return, he went to work in advertising.

Although passionate about design, Robby is an artist at heart. Much of his personal work focuses on the characters he creates and the beauty he finds in imperfections. Art is his therapy, his hobby and his
job. It’s what makes him happy.

Robby currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky where
he is an Art Director by day and artist by night.


check out his website for more unique and outstanding work! And pop in soon to check out his prints! Ranging from $15-$50!


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