Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet a Maker: Michael McCoy

How did you become so Dandy? Were you born that way?

I became 'dandy' once upon a time ago, a time once so, when I was not so, dandy you know, as a lion. I was but a wee caterpillar, but a moth, a minuscule larva of what was to become this present day, a savage artist, fighting the tragic romantic fight of individualism against our big brother, the machine, the men of capitalism. This day, from what was once a time away, this person who is I, have become but perhaps a wee golden lion cub. But the thing of curious inquiry, “am I 'dandy'”, or even so perhaps, was I born 'dandy'? I shall say simply, I am only humble, what I am, what I do, all that I shall ever be, is only because I do what I do out of pure imaginative passion, to create something with the humbleness of I, is simply me being I, and I being me, is but once upon a time ago the dandiest of things for a fellow to be.

What drove you to start designing?

As a small child, in the early late 90's, growing up in a cloned cell of suburbia, I was overexposed to the average Americana life style. Thus the creative mad nature of my present dandy day, waves at the relic of tacky, Chinese sweat shop American culture, keeping my heart set on beholding the upper hand on anti-mass production, passionately creating something more grand and cosmic than before.

How do you pick your medium/materials? What are your favorite materials to work with?

Frankly, I am completely random, I pick up a pencil to sketch a nose, maybe a mustache or two, and in no time more than anytime, I would be touching up the final stitches to a pair of day-glow pants. Materials, mediums, this, that, here, there - I think I've lost any & all attachment to things, I merely pair a dancing idea with the material world.

What pieces do you have in mind for the future?

To come firstly, shall be a series of portraits, all of which shall be a challenging confession of my dearest admiration to the greatest human souls to have made influence upon human existence! Secondly, prepare laying the framework for more jewelry to see the public in a few October days. Thirdly, I would like to make large-scale mixed media sculptures, using all found materials in dandy New Albany. As far as a fourthly, well, the world isn't yet ready for fourthly.

Inspiration: Literally/Figuratively Everything.
Website: Soon to come. But for now:
Music: The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Devendra Banhart, Dr. Dog, Wolf Parade, Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears, Starfucker, Cold War Kids, Bright Eyes.
Artist/Designer: Dr. H.S. Thompson, Banksy, Andy Warhol.

Thoughts on world domination? Anti-mass production? The handmade movement?

My thoughts on world domination?
The world today is a very divided place I say. But Love, it is universal, something everyone is capable of understanding, the people of beautiful planet earth need to reach out from the darkness and link arms in arms, and together we are a divine festive creative human people!

Anti-mass production & the handmade movement?

Okay, let's be real. In theory...and again, "in theory"...mass production would be ideal, everyone has access to items perhaps so at a cheaper cost, but an item that was made in a sweat shop across the world, then sold at an irate cost, is insanity! Maybe I am just weird, but I prefer something handmade, something made with a bit of love, with a nature that is individual to its own. So then, what about the handmade movement? Well as all things do, things just phase in and phase out. Handmade is phasing back in. And the way people are starting to see the brilliant beauty in handmade, I would be completely relentless to say that it's here to stay.

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