Saturday, October 2, 2010

EVENT: Fringe Fest

Come out and see our local artists! We will be located along the front of New Albanian Bank Street Brew House. Each of our artists will have a collection of pieces for sale in their own mini booth.

"Still, with Harvest Homecoming, New Albany's annual urban harvest festival, upon us, the NABC is intent on celebrating some of the other fruit borne of our neighbors' hard work and creativity, and so is offering its own - more New Albanian - civic arts festival, Fringe Fest 2010!

The goal of last year's inaugural Fringe Fest was "to create a cultural counterpoint to Harvest Homecoming and provide unique music, interesting exhibits, captivating films, and – most importantly – good beer. Fringe Fest embraces everything creative and original, and welcomes anything outside of the social ‘norm’”.

And so it shall be this year as well, with the added incentive of trying to maintain the creative atmosphere for a full week instead of just doing “booth days” downtown. Here's a view of the schedule as it stood at 'press' time; expect there to be changes, mishaps and serendipity - and remember that all events will take place at the NABC's Bank Street Brewhouse.

Bureau for Agitation and Propaganda
Ideology Department

Band List for 2010:

Sativa Gumbo
Louisville Klezmer Orchestra
The Fervor
Bloom Street
The 23 String Band
Zanclopera Trio
The Gumbo Family Quartet
She Might Bite
The Kimes Sisters
PA Project
Ben Traugber
Bunny Day and the Mercy Buckets

Louisville Klezmer Orchestra's performance on Thursday, Oct. 7 is sponsored by Potable Curmudgeon Inc. and the NA Confidential blog."


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  1. Love the picture especially of my froggy and panda hats!!!